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Xavier Almeida a stage champion

Xavier Almeida a stage champion
J P Pereira

Xavier Almeida is a singer with a difference. His appearances on the Konkani stage are few, but he makes quite an impression everytime he acts.Son of Jose and Maria Almeida from Posrem Bhatt, Taleigao, this stylish singer has been greatly appreciated by the Konkani audience, especially for his song on the Opinion Poll, composed by Santana Viegas who Xavier considers as his mentor.

At the age of 10, Xavier was spotted by Santana Viegas, who gave him the opportunity to sing in various ‘tiatr’ that were staged in Taleigao and neighbouring villages. Xavier also sang in dramas by Antonio Xavier and J M Dias and made a debut on the professional stage in the year 1980 through ‘Sottve Rati’, a play written and directed by veteran Tony Sax where he rubbed shoulders with the likes of Sabina, Josephine, Greg, Conception-Souza Boy-Anthony and M Boyer.

There was a break from the stage as Xavier began working in the Gulf but the love for the stage was always there. On his return, he began participating in singing competitions and the ‘tiatr’ competitions organised by the Kala Academy, Panaji. He made a comeback to the professional stage in Anil Kumar’s great revival of m. Boyer’s ‘Ekuch Rosto’ and the late Prem Kumar’s ‘Ordhi Bakri’. Xavier is now busy with comedian Agostinho’s hit, ‘SIR’ where he plays a police officer with aplomb.

Xavier’s presentation skills, a great voice coupled with expressive singing have made him a winner at various competitions organised by the Kala Academy, Vandana Productions, Panaji Jaycees and various other organisations. Xavier is grateful to Santana Viegas, for the encouragement he has received as well as the lyrics for the various songs rendered, and wishes to continue on the Konkani stage on a regular basis.

Working at the Taj Holiday Village, he is married to Maura and has, three children, Dylan, Mashika and Daniel. We wish you all the best, Xavier, and hope to see more of you on the stage.

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