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The lyrics of the following Konkani folk song "KOMBO-KOMBIECHI AMIZAD" (Rooster-Hen Friendship" is a sequence of events which takes place between the owners of a rooster and a hen. The song begins with praise for the rooster, followed by allegations which result in a proposal and a demand for a dowry and vojem, and finally a forced marriage because the hen is already laying eggs!

Legend: M = Male; F = Female

M: Kaiboro mozo kombo, zobor apurbaiecho
Tambddem xenkrem, xedachim pakam, rupest dista to
Ani sadh ghaltoch kombo, kombo-kander kombiancho
Sezarnigelea kombianim mojea kombeak pirdear kelo

F: Xeu, xeu, xeu hi moji kombi
Rupan assa kaibori, pollounk dista gori, gori
Anik dekun tika patienam mhunn paiank bandlea dori

F: Oh senhor kombeakar
M: Kitem ghe kombiekarn
F: Samball tujea kombeak, mojea kombiek korta bejear
M: Mozo kombo nhoi guneanvkar, tuji kombi malcriad
F: Ago doxelea lokalea kombeak korunk kortai pirdear

M: Poi, poi, poi tuji kombi dolle morta
F: Ago doxea noure zai tuka, khorench mure ti modelea
M: Mojea kombeacho kosloch guneanv nam, tuji kombi apoita

M: Zobor mhaka khoxi, tuje kombiek sun korchi
F: Ani hanvui khoxi zanvuim korchi, doth ghetoloi kitli?
M: Ti diteleachi khoxi
F: Borem kunddo ek paili
Barik tandull don poddi ani nachnneanchi annatti

M: Sang almar tum ditoli kosli
F: Panz kelea zonelanchi, rub ani andulea vanttli
M: Ani hachea xivai sutti zai ponas rupia mudhi

M: Anik sang vojem dusrem, tum ditoli koslem
F: Xit sizlolem, mannus, dusrem anik zai kitem?
M: Ani dusrem dosichem?
F: Arre tem magir pollonvchem
M: Hem upkarchenam kimchonnem, kobul koru poilem

F: Tor nam, nam, nam, itli doth hanv dinvchinam
M: Toxem zalear mojea kombeak tuzo zanvuim korchonam
F: Arre forsan korchem poddtelem, kombi ghalta tantieam!

In the 1950's and 1960's when agriculture in Goa was still dominant, as soon as paddy harvesting was over, paddy would be thoroughly dried before it was stored in the barns. Similarly, before the commencement of the monsoon season, people would cook para-boiled paddy and dry it thoroughly before taking it to a paddy husking machine. If chickens happened to graze close by, they would get to the paddy and begin to eat it. If the chickens involved belonged to a neighbor, swearing of words would take place which would lead to a quarrel between the neighbors. This reminds me of the following lines of Dekhnis:

Sezarnincho kombo ievun bath kelem padd
Sezarnincho kombo ievun bath kelem padd
Aghe sezarni tujea kombeak dampun ghal
Aghe sezarni tujea kombeak dampun ghal

Dogi sezarni zogoddtai sarni funtteani
Dogi sezarni zogoddtai sarni funtteani
Tumi zogddai moraii, mojea kombleak soddaii
Tumi zogddai moraii, mojea kombleak soddaii

The above lines remind me of my first childhood role as an actor in the late Minguel Rod's drama in the early 1950's which was staged at Pornea Tinttear in Gaumvaddy, Anjuna. The scene was thus:

Two families with different backgrounds live as neighbors. However, their lives become a nightmare because of me. Being a very mischievous boy, I always create problems for my parents. One day, I kill the neighbor's chicken with my "robonn" (catapult.) This leads to a heated argument, followed by a fight between both the families. My sister also acted as a child of the other family. Our reward was one kilo each mix khajem!

Here are four more lines of another Dekhni pertaining to a kombo:

Kaiboro kombllo mozo, main mhaka dilolo
Konn re melean tacho donko moddilo
Kaiboro kombllo mozo, main mhaka dilolo
Konn re melean tacho donko moddilo
Re kombea bha, re kombea xeu
Re kombea bha, bha, bha re kombea xeu
Re kombea bha, re kombea xeu
Re kombea bha, bha, bha re kombea xeu

Manuel Aguiar, popularly known by the Goan stage name "M. Boyer," has been one of the best composers Goa ever produced. He has composed songs in all categories - decent, comedy and cultural. His songs are always full of wit. One of his songs - Kombi-bokddi-mazor was one of the best songs of yesteryears. Please find below the lyrics of the first verse and chorus of the song which are related to "kombo-kombi:"

Respetachi kombi asli moji
Kombe disti poddlear kori loji
Kitliim tantieam ghalunk asli raji
Pedruchea kombean vatt laili kombiechi

Kombo roddta kok-kok-kok, kok-re-kok-kok-kok
Kombo bhair ravon ghuddachem kaddta zok
Mhunntta kok-kok-kok, kok-re-kok-kok-kok
Hem aikon ghuddan moje kombiek ieta shock!

Here is another part of M. Boyer's song "Ankvarponnar Mog" in which he emphasizes the necessity of a man for a woman:

Ankvarponnar bonvlo bhava tum jetan
Kazar zaun tuzo judev kelo xetan
Tum ratcho ieta dis bhor vavron otan
Tuka late zalear tim udok ghaltat xitan

Amkam bebde mhunnon bhair nidoitat, khoxi Devachi
Bebdea govanchi goroz nam mhunn bobatt bailanchi
Konn soth mandit bailek goroz nam mhunn ghovachi
Eke kombiek passun tantem ghaluncheak goroz kombeachi.

(Dom's Antique Shelf)
Domnic Fernandes (Anjuna/Dhahran, KSA)

(courtesy: Gulf-Goans e-Newsletter)

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